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Laminated Write on /wipe off & Aluminium Framed Board (for magnets or pins)
City Wall Maps: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, United Emirates Arabs, United Kingdom, Usa - United States

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Laminated, Write-on, Magnetic and Framed (magnets or pins) Options

World, Europe, Latin America, China, USA, Russia, France, Italy or Spain among others

Usa City Wall Maps.

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Magnetic Maps. Worldwide Delivery

Use magnetic markers to track customers, delivery points, service centers and much more.
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Largest Wall Maps 150 X 210 cm
Largest wall maps in 1 piece, until 150 X 210 cm Worldwide Urgent Special Delivery UPS - TNT

Our 3 special sizes:
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- Large size, 125 X 175 cm, from 199,00 euros
- Largest size, 150 X 215 cm, from 299,00 euros

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World Maps fully updated.
Including last country in the world: South Soudan.
Maps include countries, capitals, main cities, and main roads.
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Wall Maps Options:
- Standard
- Hard Laminated, Write On (Velleda) Laminated
- Adhesive Vinyl, Adhesive Vinyl plus Write On Velleda

Wall Maps Logo:
- Also available with your company logo or personal sentence

Wall Maps Idiom:
- Supplied in english, french, spanish, german, italian or portuguese
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Wall Maps of International Cities:
Abu Dhabi, Alexandria, Amsterdam, Ankara, Asunción, Bandung, Barcelona, Bogota, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Caracas, Chicago, Doha, Dubai, Istanbul, Jakarta, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City, London, London Area, Madrid, Manchester, Manila, Mexico DF, Milano, Montevideo, Moscow, Mumbai, Muscat, New Delhi, Paris, Quito, Riyadh, Rio de Janeiro, Roma, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Singapore

Write-on maps (writable maps Veleda®)

You can write on maps with dry erase markers
writable maps
and you can also erase easily! write on maps
*Just from 79,50 euros X map

Wall and Desk maps for your promotions

world maps for Saudi Company

All our maps can be made into bespoke maps to promote your company. info@thewallmaps.com

Individual maps If you need one, two or less than ten maps please order directly in our website. Standard, Laminated and Magnetic options are available. Top sales: World, Europe Postal Codes, China, Latin America

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Need to customise your map? Try our option "plus logo"

Transform your wall map into something more designed and customized. Included your logo in your map Just for an additional fee - 50 € - your map will be printed with your logo in the top of the map. Order directly with "plus logo" option.